If teeth are missing, not only does it affect chewing and speech articulation, but tooth displacements may occur around the gaps. In the worst case, all teeth on the affected side can dislocate to such a degree that closing the gap will become more and more difficult and that, consequently, chewing is limited to only one side. This unilateral strain often leads to ailments of the jaw joints and chewing muscles. If such conditions are not treated quickly, they can become chronic. It is a much better option to close the gap within a sufficient time span. Many patients consider having missing teeth in the front an aesthetic catastrophe. Fortunately, we are able to provide you with perfect cosmetic solutions.

Crowns and bridges

  • To close small or medium-sized gaps, crowns that are attached to implants are the best solution. This is especially the case if adjacent teeth are healthy and do not require treatment. This is the closest you can get to your natural teeth with respect to appearance and functionality.
  • In case the adjacent teeth are severely damaged or possess large fillings, a bridge will be the correct means of treatment. Bridges are attached firmly to the adjacent teeth with crowns. Bridges are very stable and can have excellent cosmetic design, just like crowns.

Dentures and partial plates

  • If only few natural teeth or implants are present, or if the remaining teeth are very loose, dentures or partial plates may be necessary. This type of prosthesis is clamped to the remaining natural teeth. Although this solution will ensure the function, it is never aesthetically satisfying and can even harm the remaining teeth.
  • Combined prostheses are superior in function and cosmetics. In this case, the anchoring structures are integrated in crowns. This means improved stability, less strain on the natural teeth or implants and a better aesthetic appearance. Another advantage of combined prosthetics is - in the case of some constructions (german crowns or telescope crowns) - the possibility of adding further teeth later on. This is an inexpensive procedure. It is important to keep this in mind if the individual´s oral health is poor and further loss of teeth can be expected.
  • Because there is such a wide variety of combined prosthetics, we are not able to present all of them on this website. However, we will be pleased to offer you a solution adapted to your individual needs in a personal consultation.
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