Courtesy service

Our goal is to provide you with excellent dental care. Therefore, we offer our patients various courtesy services. In these cases, the portion of the treatment which is not, or only partially, covered by your health insurance is free of charge.


In order to provide you with the correct treatment, extensive diagnostics are necessary. However, public health insurance usually does not fully cover this. Since we believe that excellent dentistry starts with precise diagnostics, we offer you all diagnostic services, such as x-ray images etc., without extra charge.


When planning treatments, it is necessary that patients receive thorough information about the condition of their teeth and other aspects of oral health. We strive to provide you with a precise diagnosis as well as diverse alternatives for treatment, so that you can decide on the procedure of your choice. Naturally, it is impossible to convey all of this information within a 10 minute conversation. Particularly prosthetic and cosmetic issues usually require several longer consultations in which we hope to convey to you a sense of understanding of your individual case and a comprehensive concept for your treatment.


An estimate for composite fillings and ceramic inlays makes sense and is, in some cases, obligatory. After a detailed consultation, there are usually several treatment alternatives that may vary in cost. Therefore, it may be necessary to develop up to five or even more treatment plans. Usually this effort is not covered at all by public health insurances and only covered insufficiently by private health insurances. As a courtesy service, we will be glad to project your individual plan and possible alternatives.

Getting a second opinion

In the past years, many changes have occurred within the field of dentistry. Many of them are beneficial and highly useful - some of them rather questionable and some simply useless or even harmful and expensive. If you have questions regarding the treatment or a treatment recommendation of another practice, would like a second opinion on the matter or a price comparison you are welcome to consult us. If possible, please bring your x-rays, estimates etc. and we assure you a professional consultation with no further obligation. This service is also free of charge.

Prophylaxis consultation

During consultation we explain to our patients the connection between dental disease and a possible improvement in dental hygiene. We also give brief instructions about all important brushing and cleansing techniques. Furthermore, we will aquaint you with our program for individual prophylaxis.


We are proud to be able to provide you with excellent quality dental treatment. For this reason, we ensure you a three year warranty on all prosthetics and fillings. This warranty covers all treatment, which is in compliance with the accepted dental medical standards, as well as professional services by our dental technician.

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