Our team

Dr. Sebastian Jochum

1990 - 1995 Studies in dental medicine in Aachen
1995 Degree and license to practice as a dentist in Marburg
1996 Awarded title of Doctor of Dental Science and joins the dental practice in Marburg

Our Team

Our qualified dental employees and assistants provide friendly professional support during your dental treatment. Our experienced staff will be pleased to inform you about various treatment details and will take care of all things that are important before, during and after treatment to make your visit in our practice as comfortable as possible. No matter whether you require individual dental prophylaxis, preping for periodontal treatment, preparation for prosthetic and surgical procedures, preparation of temporary dental prostheses or cosmetic consultation - you will be in good hands.
If you desire special scheduling of appointments, please consult our assistants.

We are comitted to providing our team with continuing education and training.

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